Every self-respecting company or entrepreneur has got one. Perhaps even an entire team of them. They are always ‘expensive’, but what do they actually do for you? Or for your business?

Accountants are there to allow you the space to do what you are good at: entrepreneurship. It makes a huge difference if they are an entrepreneur too and do their work with the same commitment. Just like you do for your clients.

An accountant who talks and thinks like an entrepreneur. Who keeps up with regulations and expert knowledge, and exactly knows when to bring in the right people at the right time. A team that you can rely on to have your files in order, if sudden questions arise from the outside. People who know the financial ins and outs of your company and your personal situation, perhaps even better than you yourself.

And that good feeling, that’s what it’s all about!

Not desiring to be one of the biggest players, but having a healthy ambition to be the best. A team that not only has your company in good order, but also the store your partner has just started. An accountant who works together with you and has the knowledge to work with you on building your equity.

An office that revolves around the work of human beings. That doesn’t want to spend time on twittering, Facebook and other similar advertising channels, but keeps itself occupied with your company and interests. The phone number you call because you know the people. Where you can just ask for Marco, Martin, Paul or Remco.
An office like that you won’t find on your own! You hear about it…
From others!
Cinq is such an office.

Cinq stands for everything that has to do with the freedom to do business. From the core values that you also know as an entrepreneur; integrity, objectivity, professionalism, trustworthyness, competency and accuracy.
Are you ready for the freedom to do business?

Not just accountants
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What we do

Cinq’s core activities are:

To offer a wide range of (financial) advisory, we work together with different specialist in the areas of:

To offer a wide range of administrative services, we work together with different specialist in the areas of:



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